Principal's Message

Sr. Roshni Monteiro

“Education is not preparation for life;
– John Dewey

Dear Students, Staffs, Parents/Guardians,

Warm welcome once again to the threshold of Holy Child Institute post the huge challenge in the form of Covid-19. This unprecedented catastrophe due to the pandemic had disorganized our daily life and activities to a mammoth extent. For all of us, it was a period of uncertainty, anxiety and ambivalence.
We at Holy Child Institute were constantly concerned about the physical and psychological well- being of our students and had endeavoured to put in our best efforts to keep up their moral boosted.
Each one of us and the entire world was affected by the coronavirus pandemic; our economy, our families, communities and our entire way of life were adversely affected by the scare of the infection and contagion. We, sisters at Holy Child Institute had prayed for you and your families; for your safety and health and had tried our level best to support you in every way possible by us. I take this opportunity and request all of you to place on record the bravehearts who had been working tirelessly putting at risk their own life, all the volunteers, health professionals all over the world. Their selfless service is beyond commendable.
Dear parents, as you all know, following the government announcement of nation- wide lockdown, we had closed down our school taking a serious note of the impact the virus was making on the people. It is so heartening to have our dear students back in the school campus as before and the concrete construction heretofore over almost 22 months, so lifeless and barren, throbbing and pulsating with the bustling hum and buzz once again….and hopefully forever. To ensure this permanence, we aim to make the children’s return to school as positive and smooth as possible as we are very excited to welcome them back to us in school. The health and safety of students and teachers do remain our primary focus in these extraordinary times and we know that our students and teachers are already working hard to re- engage with coursework and making up for any ground lost during ‘lockdown’.
Coming to the infection- risk aspect with the reopening of schools, we are keeping in mind the two main principles of guidance for the above issue developed by the Department of Education: firstly, minimizing the risk of introduction of infection into the school (through exclusion of pupils, staff members and visitors who are ill), and secondly, managing risk of infection spread, through regular hand hygiene, maintaining physical distancing, usage of mask and maintaining environmental hygiene. We are ensuring that the school is deeply cleansed daily and additional cleaning hours have been allotted for the new term to provide enhanced cleaning regimes, especially for surfaces that are frequently touched. We stress upon all students wearing face masks each day as it will not be possible to ensure a minimum of 2 meter distance at all times. Also, students should bring their own face mask and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. The school will have a backup of supplies but it will not be possible to provide mask for every student each single day.
This joyous reopening of the school with safety will require the co-operation of all members of our whole school community – students, staff, and parents/guardians. I would like to assure all parents/guardians and students that plans, preparation and policies post-covid shutdown and opening, are well advanced. We are doing all that we can, to secure that the return to school is a safe and enjoyable experience for our children.
May God Bless You!

Sr. Roshni Monteiro

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