Our Discipline Code

▪ Be honest and truthful.
▪ Respect all elders, love all equals and be kind to all.
▪ Love labour and be ready for any work.
▪ Respect school and personal property and take care of it.
▪ Be punctual and diligent.
▪ Be clean in thought word and deed.
▪ Be just.
▪ Be kind to animals.
▪ Be cheerful.
▪ Do to others what you wish others to do to you.

The House System

To train the students' self-responsibility and make them work through various co-curricular activities and competitions, the House System was introduced in Holy Child Institute since 1971.
This system also helps in the maintenance of order and discipline in the school. The students are divided into four houses and each house has its own motto which is whispered by the holy lives of the persons whose name they represent.

The four houses are:


HOLY MARY HOUSE - Virtue to practice Humility

Holy Mary

This school is dedicated to 'Holy Child Mary' she is also known as'infant Mary'or 'Maria Bambina',(the virgin Mary in her childhood state). Tradition says that she was the daughter of Joachim and Anne who were the descendants of King David. She was dedicated to God's service in the temple of Jerusalem at a very tender age. When Mary was still very young, the Angel Gabriel appeared to her and announced that she had been chosen to become the Mother of Jesus - Mother of God. An outstanding quality of Mary was her humility. Mary's light shines upon this house as a beacon of light in the attainment of noble qualities like love, service, seeking God's will and above all her humility.

ST. BARTOLOMEA HOUSE - Virtue to practice Charity

St. Bartholomea Capitanio

Bartolomea was born in Lovere on 13th January, 1807 to Modesto Capitanio & Catherina Canossi. Her heart ached for the suffering world with the poor children, the sick, the old and unattended. So she opened a school for girls in her own house and also started to gather the young and care for them. She went around visiting the old, the sick & the prisoners. Jesus was the source of her strength and power. After years of prayer andreflection, at the age of 26,she, along with another companion, Catherine Gerosa took the vows to offer themselves completely to God and to devote themselves to the service of the poor, the homeless, the widows, the orphans as well as those in need of service. Thus, was born the 'Society of the Sisters of Charity '. Her strong determined spirit inspires this house to aim at higher ideals and to serve humanity.

ST. GEROSA HOUSE - Virtue to practice Generosity

St. Vincenza Gerosa

This house is named after Catherina Gerosa who was born on 29th October, 1784 in Lovere. As a youngster, she often witnessed unpleasant situations within the family concerning business, but bore everything with equanimity and co-operated with everyone with a determined spirit. Catherine had tremendous inner strength to bear up all hardships with tranquility of mind as she drew spiritual strength from Jesus Crucified. When many of her family members passed away leaving for her their great family wealth, she converted one of her houses into a hospital where Bartolomea was appointed superintendent. She opened a house in her own home for the young girls in view of teaching them stitching & other useful skills.
In course of time Bartolomea proposed to her to join her in founding a society, the aim of which would be 'Service of Charity '. On 21st November , they left their own houses, dear ones and came to live together in a house called 'Casa Gaia ', which was the first house of the 'Sisters of Charity '. They vowed to live poor, to remain virgins & to spend themselves in the works of charity after the example of Jesus. When Bartolomea died at the age of 26, Catherina Gerosa took up the responsibility of the Society. Gerosa's courage & selfless spirit spur on the members of this house to bring life and light to others .

ST. MARIA GORETTI HOUSE - Virtue to practice Purity

St. Maria Goretti

This house takes its name after a young girl named Maria Goretti who had the courage to prefer death to sin. Maria was born of a poor family at Corinaldi, Italy in 1890. She spent a difficult childhood assisting her mother in domestic duties. She forgave Allessandro, the 18 year old youth who tried to taint her chastity but she resisted and got killed. Alessandro got 35 years of imprisonment. In the end Allessandro was a changed man.
From Maria's life the lesson to be learnt is to die than to sin. Her heroic courage, her magnanimity in forgiving the wrong doer and her love for purity are the eternal values that motivates this house .

School Rules

▪ Students must be present at prescribed time for the assembly and join in the singing and prayers.
▪ Students who have been absent from class must bring the 'Regularity Record' signed by the guardian stating the cause of absence. A student's name will be struck off the roll, if she is absent without leave for more than 10 calendar days. Re-admission is necessary to join the class.
▪ Compulsory attendance on the last working day before the start of the vacation as well on the opening day after the vacation.
▪ Leave will not be granted for absence from school prior to a Test /Examination.
▪ 80% attendance of instructional days is mandatory for all the students. Defaulters will have to pay extra one month's tuition fee. Attendance below 70% is not eligible to be sent up or promoted.
▪ Students will not be allowed to leave the school before the school gives over.
▪ Tiffin break is from 1.20 to 1.50 p.m.(secondary and higher secondary section). All are expected to take their tiffin in the school premises. Guardians will not be allowed to enter the school during tiffin hours.
▪ Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings. Each article should be marked with the student's name, class and section.
▪ Every student must bring with her all the articles needed for the day. Guardians should not insist on forwarding articles to the children during class hours.
▪ No book (other than text books or library books) magazines or papers should be brought to the school without the Principal's permission.
▪ Students are advised not to wear ornaments. If needed only a simple earring/ear stud is permitted at their own risk.
▪ Principal has the right to suspend attendance or dismiss any student whose presence in the school is injurious to the moral tone of the school.
▪ Repeaters have to pay the tuition fees for the month of January and Annual fees for enrolment on the day fixed before the re- opening of the school.
▪ Students are directed to take their report cards and return them in time. Defaulters will be fined Rs. 5/- per day.
▪ No cellphone or cameras to be carried to the class rooms.
▪ No collection for any purpose what so ever may be taken without the prior permission of the Principal.
▪ All the students of English Medium must speak in English in the school premises.
▪ Enrollment to Holy Child Institute implies on the part of the pupils' and parents' willingness to comply with requirements and regulations of the school.

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